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      Leaving on against expectations
       we are also inviting our customers
      for the purchase of wooden articles.
      All painted things are
      paints safe for children.
     Rubber elements don't contain
     harmful phthalates and wheels
     are anti-skidding. Our products are
     not only nice but also safe for children.

CHILDREN'S BEDDING for our kiddies

we are sewing customers make
up a bed from delicate cotton
of approved fabrics.
We are sewing the bedding in
different sizes to order.
A price is being ascertained
individually to the size
and of type of the bedding


we sew a variety of blankets

with sweatshirt, cotton
and fleece. Each blanket can
order of any chosen on material
tab cloth. It is possible to order
each product with embroidered
the name of the identifier small.


blankets podusie we are making
from the first-class of delicate fabrics.
We are sewing decorative podusie
into carts and rooms
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